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Reef Tiger seems to be not as well-known as the world-famous watch brand. However, this brand with pure Swiss decoration is highly respected by young watch lovers around the world. In fact, the history of its brand can be traced back to the spring of the 1940s, yes, it was the spring of the Swiss Confederation.

In 1848, the Swiss Confederation was born, and a new era officially opened thereafter. The visionary Stephan Reef started watchmaking activities in the cradle of Geneva watchmaking and gradually created his own independent watchmaking studio.

Relying on excellent watchmaking technology and a good reputation, Stéphane Reef and his watchmaking workshop quickly became famous, and orders were like snow. In 1861, Stéphane Reef welcomed a loyal companion, Leandro Tiger, the descendant of the English Earl.

The young nobleman evaluated the watchmaking skills of the Stefan Barrier Reef very carefully. They became good friends and hoped to build a most advanced watch factory for the middle class. This is also the famous latest generation of Reef Tiger watch factory, named after the two men's surnames.

Peace is the protection of development. In 2009, the renovated reef tiger made a comeback. The power of revival made exquisite watchmaking a reputation for 200 years before the glorious return.

Reborn Reef Tiger not only inherited the excellent watchmaking technology of the 19th century, but also inherited the long tradition of watchmaking: limited output, always pursuing top quality. In terms of styling design, Reef Tiger has always been fascinated by its young and fashionable designs and boldly applied next-generation designs. Therefore, every Reef Tiger watch is almost synonymous with fashion. All fashion admirers regard him as an elegant and timeless model. In addition, its reasonable price makes it affordable for everyone.

For the quality of watches, Reef Tiger is impeccable. In the silence of the past 100 years, the descendants of the reef tiger did not give up the watchmaking skills of their ancestors. Instead, they pass advanced technologies from generation to generation with higher precision. If you happen to own a Reef Tiger watch, and we are not exaggerating to say that if the first highlight of Reef Tiger attracts you is fashion, then the second highlight is definitely quality-there is no quality fault.

Although New Century Reef Tiger is equipped with the famous German movement, you can still feel the exquisite Swiss craftsmanship in every detail. This is a glorious tribute to the reef tiger. Its return 200 years later is also an endless time for art to transcend national boundaries.